Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conveniently located, only 3700 miles from New York

Yesterday, anabasisx commented about the above slogan for visiting Belgium. It would be perfect if Paris had no airports. Sadly, it does, and there are many train stations within 40 minutes of Paris.

There has to be something better than, "Come to Belgium, and leave." Anabasisx said that it should be, "The heart of Europe." They could talk about being the place where Latin and Germanic cultures meet. It would be sold on the basis of luxurious efficiency. Instead of wandering all over Europe for different things, tourists could go to Belgium and see it all. The people at Visit Belgium shouldn't make the country seem like it's in the middle of nowhere. Instead, they should turn Belgium's borders to their advantage. "15 minutes to France, Germany or Holland," would be much better.

Still, I would sell Belgium as a destination in itself.

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